About Us

PMA  was founded by Michael Barcus in 2004 as a management consulting  firm specializing in expense reduction and process efficiency. Since  it's founding, the focus has grown from financial sustainability, to  now include environmental and social initiatives, as well. Our  approach stems from a deep understanding of business systems in  conjunction with our knowledge of natural environments and how  healthy ecosystems function. We are interested in triple bottom line  results and therefore consider the environmental, social and financial  aspects within each initiative.

As a naturalist,  outdoorsman, fisherman, citizen scientist, Michael has always  understood that nature is our ultimate teacher and studying natural  systems is integral to the design of sustainable solutions. 

In  2015 PMA launched the Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) division, to  bring specialists to the environmental and socially related initiatives.  One of our prime focuses is on the implementation of sustainable food  production systems for commercial, educational, social applications.

Our  "whole systems" approach brings maximum value to your organization. If  you haven't explored the environmental and social ecosystems in your  company, we invite you to consider their impact on your bottom line. How  many sick days? How many health related insurance claims? How would a  therapeutic landscape design benefit your team? How would outdoor team  building exercises increase communications, productivity and overall job  satisfaction?

Healthy employees, healthy environments and healthy business systems support sustainable societies.


We  are thinkers & doers, and are a new breed of consultant that  understands the interconnected systems that impact your organization.